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Spare Room Cinema

Spare Room Cinema

Complete home cinema in the client's spare bedroom. The room is only 2.5 x 3.5m, which just goes to show that you don't need a gigantic space to have your very own cinema! The cinema is made up from an Epson EH-TW2900 FullHD Tri-LCD Projector, a Screenlabs 90" fixed screen, a Pioneer VSX-920 amplifier which powers the 5.1 speakers - 3 of which are hidden behind the screen. The screen is mounted on batons to allow the speakers to be hidden and for the LEDs to provide a nice glow. A bluray player, games console and media player are all connected to the projector via the amplifier. A great use of a previously unused spare room.

100" Big Screen Home Cinema

We liased with the client to create this stunning home cinema room. Taking our advice and recommendations on paint colour, type and size of screen and projector the room now has an amazing 100 inch fixed frame projector screen and an Epson EH-TW9200 Full HD 3D projector. We assembled and mounted the screen before ceiling mounting the projector. As the room had just been decorated we ran the power and HDMI cables inside some mini trunking which when painted will no longer be noticable. We also mounted the client's rear bipole speakers on the wall and concealed the cabling behind the plasterboard and installed a smaller flush light fitting as the original light fitting was causing a shadow on the screen. The client's Marrantz receiver powers the speakers as well as being the main HDMI switching unit for the projector. A PS4 and dedicated 3D Bluray player supply the picture at present with the option of connecting up to three further devices. 


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